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Additional Services


Workplace Investigations 

When your company must conduct workplace investigations, it can be a daunting task. The investigation must be conducted quickly, thoroughly, discretely and a thorough report written with determinations recommendations for any changes. 


As a trained EEOC Investigator, who better conduct these investigations. 

I will conduct the investigations in the most discrete and less disrupted matter possible. You will receive a thorough report, with recommendations and changes that should be made.  


In the case of litigation, I will be available to help your attorney with any information necessary to assist with your representation.  


 Whether you need discrimination training,

de-escalation techniques, having difficult conversation or facilitation of employee feedback, this is another service that is offered. 


I will create a training program specifically for your needs and deliver it in a method of not only entertaining but engaging and educational. Who said training must be “boring and dull”? 


Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) 

As a Credentialed Distinguished Mediator (TMCA)1 Mediator/Conciliator and Arbitrator with over 20 years' experience and over 1800 mediations and arbitrations conducted, I am available for internal or private services. My experience ranges from  employment and housing disputes, civil, small claims court and divorce and family law


This is a service that can save thousands on cost of litigation with no guarantee of the outcome 


All my rates are competitive, but the services I perform will always be  “Top of the Line” 


For more information, please contact me to schedule an appointment to discuss how I can be of service to you. 

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