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Employee Handbook

As of last Friday, Roe v Wade was overturned. As a business owner, this can have an impact on your employees now and during annual benefit enrollment time.

The main questions will be, how to handle employees taking time off, can they use their spend account for procedure, will FMLA cover this, and the questions go on and on.

Another factor that you as an employer may deal with are the conversations that may take place and how to proceed without violating anyone’s rights.

If all of this is not handled carefully it can cost you employee, bad branding, negative impact on your business and legal fees.

Best advise, choose your words carefull, check your employe handbook, review your benefits and take a deep breath.

If you are not sure how to navigate this changing landscape, contact a professional. There are many resources including myself that are out there to answer your questions.

Remember, with the right information it will be okay😊

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