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Business Research and Analysis 

Business Start-Up 
Creating a Policy and Procedures Manual 
Job Descriptions 
Salary Analysis for Positions 
Interview Questions and Techniques 
Reviewing, Interviewing and help with Selections of Employee 
Background Checks of New Employees 
On-Boarding Procedures 

Business Up and Running 
Review and Changes to Policies and Procedures 
Forms for Annual Reviews, Promotions, Disciplinary Actions, 

Employee Relations   
Filing Complaints 
Investigating Complainants 
Corrective Actions of Complaints  
Training-New and Current Employees 
Other Training as Needed to help employees, Supervisors and Managers 

Preparation For Hearings 
Documentation Preparation for Wage Claims or other Administrative Hearing 
Appearance as Company’s HR Consultant on Behalf of the Company  

Unlimited Access to HR Consultant to ask questions or discuss concerns or braining storming sessions. 

Will provide all Clients with the most updated information regarding any HR issues,  
Access to weekly blogs discussing anything HR  
Other services will be added as my clients’ needs grow at no additional charge.  

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