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Jordan HR Consultants, LLC.

As your business grows, so does your needs for expanded or different HR services.  This is part of the services you will receive. We will have meeting to discuss your program and see what changes may need to be made as your business grows. 

Our Services

Our Services

As your HR Consultant I will create your HR program based on your specific needs and goals in mind. You tell me what your needs are, how you envision it ran and I create the high quality compliant HR Department.


Business Research and Analysis

Start Up

Creating a Policy and Procedures Manual 
Job Descriptions 
Salary Analysis for Positions 

Business Up And Running

Review and Changes to Policies and Procedures 
Forms for Annual Reviews, Promotions, Disciplinary Actions, 

Preparation For Hearings

Documentation Preparation for Wage Claims or other Administrative Hearing 

Appearance as Company’s HR Consultant on Behalf of the Company  


Filing Complaints Investigating Complainants Corrective Actions of Complaints


Ready to find out more?

My HR Consulting business listens to business owners and designs a Human Resources program to fit your needs now and in the future. If it is an Employee Handbook, to salary information, to hiring to disciplinary actions, whatever you need I provide it. 

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